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Slide Martha and Murray Fisher Sr. Lecture in Ruralization From Left: Jim Love, Valerie Grant, Dr. Woody Fisher, Carlota Monroy, Martin Bunch, Noël Sturgeon and Felipe Montoya Dec. 7, 2015 Slide Koerner Speaker Series in Neotropical Conservation May 6, 2015 Anthropologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Wade Davis lecture on "The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World"

Martha and Murray Sr. Fisher Lecture and the Ecohealth and Global Health Symposium

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Dr. Carlota Monroy Lecture on Ruralization, December 7, 2015

lecture-series-carlota-monroyIn this lecture Dr. Carlota Monroy will describe her team’s work with villagers in Guatamala to combat Chagas. Chagas is a parasitic disease that can affect various organs, potentially resulting in death. The parasite is transmitted to humans primarily through insects. Chagas disease is a "forgotten" disease of the poor that affects much of the rural population in Latin America. Dr. Monroy uses a community-based “ecohealth” approach to study the persistence of vector species in human dwellings. Using local technology and skills, and working with local community members (particularly women) her team addresses housing conditions to reduce exposure to insect vectors. Read More

Ecohealth and Global Health Symposium, December 8, 2015

ecohealth1At the Symposium panelists and participants engaged with issues of health and well-being of villagers in conservation contexts in Costa Rica, HIV prevention with Indigenous youth in Canada, public health and climate change, and pedagogy for Ecohealth and Global Health practitioners. Read More

Koerner Speaker Series in Neotropical Conservation  

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Lambert Lecture Series on Indigenous Peoples & Neotropical Conservation

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James Love Lecture on Avian Conservation

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