Las Nubes Project has dedicated great part of its efforts to educate Canadian and Costa Rican students, as well as local communities within the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, in regards to environmental issues and sustainable practices. By the mid-2000s, Las Nubes Project had established a field course focused on tropical ecology and sustainability, and environmental education. The success of the field course led to the creation of a Semester Abroad, which started in Summer, 2017. In 2018, we also began to offer a course during Reading Week.

York University students (and other interested students) can experience first-hand lessons on tropical ecology, sustainability, indigenous education, arts, health, and conservation through the courses now offered. Participants are given an unprecedented opportunity to interact with and learn from the local rural Costa Rican communities.

Additionally, the exchange of knowledge between rural communities and York University students and faculty contributes to the creation of educational programs for adults and in local schools.

In Canada, through the Las Nubes Students Association (LNSA) and the Faculty of Environmental Studies, several activities are carried out during the year to create awareness within consumers, and to promote and raise funds to support research and local educational and conservation activities in COBAS.