Slide Slide Pre-construction phase, May 2015 Slide Foundation, June 2015 Slide Circular Structure, June 2015 Slide Upper floor, September 2015 Slide Ranch construction, September 2015 Slide In late February 2016 the construction of the Lillian Meighen Wright Centre was completed

Through a series of donations, York University has consolidated a property of 25 acres, across from the Las Nubes Forest Reserve, where its building the Lillian Meighen Wright Centre (known as the EcoCampus) stands. This property is the headquarters of our  Semester Abroad program, which started in Summer 2017. If you are interested in hosting a seminar, congress, retreat, performance, or need a place to conduct your research or write, visit the Bookings section of our website or contact us at

Green Building

The Lillian Meighen Wright Centre is 400 square metres, which includes:

  • Rain water catchment and storage
  • Living filters for grey waters
  • Natural ventilation
  • Landscape friendly design
  • Bird friendly windows
  • FSC Certified construction materials

Room and Board

  • 2 multiple occupancy bedrooms with shared bathrooms (3 bunks per room for an occupancy of 6) for a total occupancy of 12
  • 2 double rooms with private baths for a total occupancy of 4
  • Cafeteria with capacity for 50

Seminars, Workshops, Presentations

  • Stage/Auditorium/Conference Room (50 seats)
  • 1 Classrooms (25 seats)


  • Wet/Dry Lab (under construction)
  • Computer and Audiovisual Facilities
  • Green House (under construction)

Trails and Hikes

  • Rainforest trails in Las Nubes Reserve
  • Community Hikes in Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor
  • Riparian Forest hike along Peñas Blancas River

Community Projects and Services

  • Local Committee for the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor
  • Rural Community Tourism
  • Reforestation
  • Environmental Education