Community Engagement

Engaging local communities is an integral part of the Las Nubes Project.

Las Nubes Project has created the space to work closely especially with the local farmers and community members, to address their concerns and support their initiatives.

In 2004, Las Nubes became part of the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor (ASBC). The ASBC is a collective initiative involving local communities, NGOs, universities (including York), and other groups.

Our EcoCampus, the Lillian Meighen Wright Centre (LMWC), located across the Las Nubes Biological Reserve serves as a local, national, and international hub dedicated to promoting Neotropical conservation and livelihood improvement.

Other recent community initiatives include the establishment of a community library called Casita Azul and the Alexander Skutch Festival.

Las Nubes has established many links with various local Organizations.