Wine Auction 2009

Dr. Howard Daugherty (left), Dr. Woody Fisher (right)

Las Nubes Project was created by Dr. Howard Daugherty from the Faculty of Environmental Studies in 1998, after a generous donation made by a prominent Toronto physician, medical researcher and co-founder of the Canadian Liver Foundation, Dr. Woody Fisher to York University.

The following year and in honour of Dr. Woody Fisher, the Faculty of Environmental Studies created the Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation to protect this rainforest habitat through an agreement with Costa Rica’s Tropical Science Center.

Dr. Woody Fisher's contribution to Las Nubes did not stop with the donation. Each year, Dr. Fisher and his wife, Mrs. Valerie Grant, help York University to raise funds to support the Las Nubes Project and actively participate in different activities, encouraging students to continue with their legacy.

Felipe,Woody and bill lambert

Dr. Felipe Montoya (left) at the 2013 Wine Auction

Under the direction of Dr. Felipe Montoya since 2012, the Las Nubes Project mission is to contribute to community well-being in ways that are compatible and conducive to environmental conservation.  Las Nubes does this through faculty and student research, environmental education, and through community engagement initiatives.  By means of the Project's permanent and long-term presence and relationship with local communities and organizations, Las Nubes aims to develop a grounded theory and praxis around the sustainability of healthy and gratifying rural lifeways respectful of, and in harmony with the natural environment.